Oil Chiller

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Oil Chiller

J K Overseas Is Well Known for Quality Chiller Products. We Have Standardize Our Variety of Chillers: Skadi – W and Skadi – O Series. We Have Skadi – O for Oil Chiller Varieties.

Our Products Are Known for Adopted Integral Design, Compact Structure. Our Products Have Strong Corrosion Resistance, To Ensure That the Unit Can Be Placed Outside the Long-Term Is Not Easy to Fade.

To Manufacture Quality Products, We Are Couscous About Quality of Our Raw Materials as Well As Machine Components. We Use Other Components Heat Exchanger, Pump, Condenser, Controller, Copper Pipe of Well-Known Brand.

We use advance PLC controller which enable us to provide perfect man machine communication. Our controller requires easy procedure, One key start, better operation  which enable better ergonomics.

We designed strong self-supporting rigid metal welded and screwed structure. We use anti rust powder paint. We also take performance test and all safety test before delivery. We provide chiller machine ready to connect with the the plant.


  • quick setup and trouble-free operation.
  • Equipment options are available to easily customize standard chillers
  • We can provide customize chillers as per customer specific requirement
  • Long Life Compressors, Superior reliability, High energy Efficiency
  • More Surface Area in Brazed-plate Evaporators for Less Energy consumption
  • superior Service Life & Wide Range of Performance
  • Low sound levels
  • Easy to service and maintain
  • Environment friendly
  • Suitable for truck transport
Mineral drinking water chiller/oil chiller
Ton 2 2.5 5 10
Voltage 220V, 50/60Hz
Phase 1 or 3 3 3 3
Fluid Water or oil
Cooling capacity(BTU/hr) 24400 29900 60500 162800
(W) 8755 10278 17730 47712
Ambient temp. working range 5°C ~ 40°C
(Fluid temp. , room temp.)        
Temp. control 35°C to 10°C
Refrigerent R407C,R22,R134A,R410A,etc.
Warrenty Manufacturing parts warrenty
Evoparetore type normal plate type heat exchanger / shell and tube type heat exchanger / brazed plate heat exchanger
condenser type air cooled (axial fan) / water cooled
Outport size bsp 1" inch male female connector
Storage tank without tank(can be done as per your requirement)
Noise ~63 db (A)
Body material Mild steel
Color Powder coated paint(black ,m/c green, custom)
Safety protection high and low pressure protection,overload protection,over temperature protection,phase sequence protection,etc.
Operation mode fully automatic control
Custom In addition to the specifications and requirements, we can provide non-standard products according to customer requirements.