Comet Type

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Comet Type


Manufacturing Process :


Our Air-cooled block for which casting is done in graded grey cast iron in such a way so as to achieve a paralytic structure free from ferrite and graphitic as per international standards.

The air-cooled block is cast by the shell molding process & used for diesel engines, Diesel engines, Marine Engines, Generators., etc. The casting of these air-cooled blocks/barrels are machined in the machine shop equipped with a precision CNC turning center, hydraulically operated NC controlled honing machines.

We maintain the hardness of the cylinder barrels strictly as per international standards. The usage of hardened liners with plateau finish improves the engine life, lowers lube oil consumption, and improves fuel efficiency.


Applications :

  1.  Diesel engines
  2.  Marine engines
  3.  Diesel Generator
  4.  High power diesel engines


Features :

  1.  Dimensional accuracy
  2.  Anti-corrosive
  3.  Excellent finish


Our Product List :


Air Cooled Block

Comet Type 1
Aircooled Block 76 mm Comet
Comet Type 2
Aircooled Block 80 mm Comet
Comet Type 3
Aircooled Block 85 mm Comet
Comet Type 4
Aircooled Block 87.5 mm Comet
Comet Type 5
Aircooled Block 87.5 mm Comet CUB


Water Cooled Block


Sr. Component
Comet Type  1
CYL. Liner 76 mm
Comet Type  2
CYL. Liner 80 mm
Comet Type  3 CYL. Liner 80 mm CUB
Comet Type  4
CYL. Liner 85 mm 
Comet Type  5 CYL. Liner 87.5 mm Short
Comet Type  6 CYL. Liner 87.5 mm Long
Comet Type  7 CYL. Liner 87.5 mm COLT