Paddle Flow Switch

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Paddle Flow Switch

Flow switch consists of the magnetic core, rotating impeller, external casing, and dry reed pipe. Flow through the sensor activates the magnetic core to trigger switch action, with signal output.



simple working principle and highly reliable and cheaper price.



It is used in the control of water circulation, water charging and discharging, water heating, water pump switch on and off of solenoid valve or powering on and off water discharging of electric water heater, solar energy water heater, air condition and other water systems





Contact Form NO ( Normally Open )
Max Contact Power 50 W
Max Switch Voltage 350 VDC / 300 VAC
Min Breakdown Voltage 600 VDC
Max Switch Current 0.7 ADC / 0.5 AAC
Max Carry Current 2.5 A
Max Contact Resistance 100 mΩ
Min Insulation Resistance 1010 Ω
Get In Electric Shock Life 107 Ω
Electric Life 1 * 107 ( 5 VDC, 10 mA )




Mounting Position Vertical / Horizontal
Operating Temperature - 10 ~ + 85° C
Applicable Environment Tempreture - 40 ~ + 120° C
Withstand Voltage 1000 V/10 s
Insulation Resistance 100 min
Min Flow Rate ≥ 1.5 L / Min
Max Carry Pressure 1.2 MPa