Heat Pump Controller

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Heat Pump Controller


Specification :


| Setting-range: 5~60 Celsius

| Temperature control Accuracy : +/-1 Celsius

| Power supply: 380/220±10%(VAC), 50/60Hz

| Mode: cooling, heating

| Sensor type: NTC(5KΩ/25°C,B value 3470K;50K/25°C, B value 3490K)

| Output:Compressor, Electronic heater, Fan motor,water circular pump, Four-way valve…etc

| Simulation sensor: Water tank temperature sensor, Outlet temperature sensor, Ambient temperature sensor, Discharge temperature sensor, Coil  temperature sensor, Suction temperature sensor…etc

| Dry contact input signal: Low pressure switch, Low pressure switch, Water flow switch…etc

| Two compressor control, With EEV controller

| Air source or ground source are optional

| With three phase function,Compressor current detection

| Power off memory function

| With Tuya WIFI function

| Mounting size:  198×120×25mm   

| Wring control : LCD  display or TFT display

| Product list: Main board(1) +display(1)+connection wires(1) +temp.sensors(12) +transformer (1) 

| Suitable for commercial swimming pool / water heating heat pump machine.