Inline Flow Switch

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Inline Flow Switch




  • No wearing and fatiguing parts applied, featuring stable performance and long service time.
  • Full nylon structure, various liquid corrosion resistances.
  • It could be installed vertically;
  • Max pressure is 1Mpa


Operation Explain


The flow switch is mainly used in the system to instruct switch on/off according to Flow Condition In Vertical Pipes


Electrical Characteristics Units :


  • Material - NYLON
  • Ring Material - NYLON
  • Tempe Rating - -30~+85 `C
  • Max Pressure - 1 MPa
  • Max Volume - 30 L/Min.
  • Max Contact Rating - 10 / 70 W
  • Max Switching Voltage ≤ 230
  • Max Switching Current - 0.5 A
  • Max contact Resistance – 200 mOhm
  • Electrical Life (at Resistance load ) - 1.5x107 (20/500) VDC/mA
  • Cable Length – 254 mm
  • Cable Color – Black




The switch can be widely used in water heaters, water treatment for environmental protection, Heat pump

water heater, welding equipment, laser equipment, and some other systems for monitoring.

The switch with high performance, it is equipped with a permanent magnet. Just has one removable part.The

The operating principle is easy.