Flow Sensor

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Flow Sensor

A flow sensor (more commonly referred to as a “flow meter”) is an electronic device that measures or regulates the flow rate of liquids and gasses within pipes and tubes. Flow sensors are generally connected to gauges to render their measurements, but they can also be connected to computers and digital interfaces.


They are commonly used in HVAC systems, medical devices, chemical factories, and septic systems. Flow sensors are able to detect leaks, blockages, pipe bursts, and changes in liquid concentration due to contamination or pollution.




Rated Voltage : 5-24VDC

Rated Current : 15mA

Flow Characteristics : F=8Q-3 (FHZ QAL/min)

Product Precision : 1L/min-8% 2-30 L/min±5%

Working Temp. : 0-85°C

Storage Temp. : -40 - 125°C

Pressurization : 1 Mpa

Sensor : Hall Sensor

Housing : PA66 + 30 %

Wire : 1007 24AWG

Wire : PA66+30%