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Duty-Free Documentations

Duty-free or Reduce duty certification is our best possible chance to reduce the buyer’s total valuation of import goods. We are always looking for ways to reduce valuation and better service.

Export market is mostly whole sale market. Due to bulk quantity, Government import duty will be always higher. There is only one way to reduce importer’s duty under country trade agreements.

Each trade agreement includes one country or multiple countries. We can provide you certification only if your country covered by any of below agreements and also benefits as per mention in agreements.


Here Enlisted India Trade Agreements :


  1. India - Afghanistan (PTA)
  2. India - Africa Trade Agreement
  3. Asia Pacific Trade Agreement (APTA)
  4. India and Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) - Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement
  5. India - Bhutan On Trade, Commerce, And Transit
  6. India – Chile (PTA)
  7. India - Japan (CEPA)
  8. India - Republic of Korea (CEPA)
  9. India - Malaysia (CECA)
  10. India - MERCOSUR (PTA)
  11. India - Nepal for Control Unauthorized Trade
  12. India - Nepal Treaty of Transit
  13. India – Nepal Revised Treaty of Trade
  14. South Asia Free Trade Area (SAFTA)
  15. SAARC Preferential Trading Arrangement (SAPTA)
  16. India - Singapore (CECA)
  17. India - Sri Lanka (FTA)
  18. India -Thailand (FTA)(EHS)


We want our customer to read terms and conditions regarding these agreements and we make sure that you will get each benefit included in these agreements.

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